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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mooncake festival or mid-autumn festival?

today is 15th of August according to Chinese Lunar Calender (八月十五)

In chinese, it is 中秋节

but how about in english?
is it mooncake festival or mid-autumn festival?

seeing people wishing here and there in facebook 
" happy mooncake festival", "happy mid-autumn festival"
and.... "Happy Dang Long festival"
actually which one is right?
don't tell me is the third one ><

Mooncake festival & Mid-autumn festival,
perhaps the former is more to a intention towards eating mooncakes,
and the latter is more to commemorate the significance behind this festival

from the words, it's sounds like that.. haha

perhaps.. so which one is the correct one?

by the way, so just wish you all
"Happy Whatever!!"
as long as you are happy~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Dear Mom & Sis

Happy Birthday to 2 of my dear family member >> mom & sis jingwen~

my sis jingwen is also a nuffnang blogger o ^^ please go pay a visit to her if you like to~

actually this is a belated birthday wishes to them >< sorry for that...
because this few i was quite tired and busy for school assignment..

oh ya.. my mom birthday was on 9th and my sis' birthday was on 13th~

again, happy birthday to them ya ^^ (although was a belated one >< )

da dang!!

what a nice cake right? yeah~

nang it and give them a wish~

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - House visiting

today is the second day of Raya Aidilfitri (Muslim's New Year)
My family and i have gone to my dad's Malay friend's house

here are some plates of cookies and snacks they served before meal 
quite nice ^^ 
I think they said they make their own~

the adults were chatting while we, so called kids were eating snacks at aside..
after that only we started our meal~
it was made me quite hungry tat time actually...

Malay's food are all spicy and curry..
luckily still acceptable~ haha XD

they gave us a 'green pau' before we were leaving~ 

and again, 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to them and my Malay friends~

Friday, September 10, 2010

Matta Fair

sorry that i didn't update my blog for quite a couple of time
because i was working together with my friends at Matta Fair from 3rd to 5th September
then the next day is my school day
quite busy

now let's talk about my experience while working at Matta Fair

was the least people visited among the 3 days fair
thus our work is quite free and easy
all the customers were just searching for information and seeking for the lowest price among all the companies
seldom will they make payment on the first
we can said that we were eating 'egg' on friday! how poorly we were..

approximately per 'gang' of customers/ customer asking details for around half an hour
imagine there were hundreds or thousands booths of companies exhibited in the halls of 3 at PWTC
they needed how much time to visit all?
for sure one day was not enough for those who wanted to looks through all the booths

Saturday & Sunday
was slightly more people then the day before
from what senior in-house staff said, Matta Fair this year was not as flood of people as last few years
perhaps economic crisis caused this phenomena?

when people wanted to make a payment, they probably would have called the seniors...
it's human's instinct right? avoiding in we, the junior part timer make an mistake on their bills
but this made us lost the commission :'(
so.. money is difficult to get!
although how hard we work on it

this was Lucies explaining hard to foreigner customers

english, mandarin, and cantonese are used when communicated to customers 
we even communicated in a special mute way for the very first time 
we were pointing here to there and a 'ok' pose to a deaf-mute customer 
it's quite fun and the only once we didn't have to explain to customer with a speak of sound!

we have met different kinds of people in the fair..
some were polite while asking for certain information,
some were rude because they just wanna talk more than explanation from us, 
some were kept asking for free gifts but at the end still didn't make up a bill,
some were troublesome, 
and some were funny too, in the way they spoke or acted 

a funny moment with one of the customer:
after the explanation of the trip promoted, 
he then kept talking something else other than the trip to us,
he was telling us not to take travel agency as a permanent job and try to be a tv host..
oh my..
later, he looked at me and said I will be famous if I do so.. because I'm even prettier than some of the tv host and actress.. can be more famous than one of the hongkong hot star, "容XX" &"钟嘉X" and asked me why not have a try?
oh my.. AGAIN
hope that her fans won't kill me ><
and he also told us about how famous about the 孔雀手 "peacock hand"? he was saying a name who act this "peacock hand" very well again and again but the problem was we really don't know who was the person he mentioned!

the above conversation have taken us very much of time before we backed home!
SWEAT!! talking to him was like dropping sweat on my face!
but.. what to do? he was still a customer..

On the last day of work after the fair,
we kept going around to take pictures ^^
funniest moment along the fair

with sherliz

3 of us in front of the working booth ^^

compare this 2 picture...
the naked guy in matta fair!
is the orange shirt guy somehow look like to guy on the left picture?
(actually till now I'm still don't know his name >< )
haha XD sorry ya~ just for fun~
wonder how many years later only he will see this post~
haha =P nevermind then~

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sem 2 has been started

oh no!!
why my one month sem break passed so fast one!
i can't used to wake up that early and rush for my 8am class..

as you know, no one will wake up tat early along the holiday
except those special one, the abnormal one
(maybe ern lai do that.. haha XD wondering will he see this.. =P)

OK, back to my story..
i nearly fell asleep in my first week classes
can't adapt to the new environment
again, i have been relaxed in my one month holiday

ya, i failed to enrol LAN subject in my 2nd sem of foundation year
so I'm going to take it perhaps in my 3rd sem and degree year
i heard that most of the people said that take LAN subject in degree year will be hard to arrange the timetable and also since degree is already hard to study than foundation

the question is... WHY WE NEED TO TAKE LAN SUBJECTS...
we study these subjects because of the government asked us to do so?
what is the purpose actually?
tell me the reason and thus I will study it more willingly ^^

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