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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stress before last final exams in foundation..

3 more days, final exams will have started..
coming along together with many stress..
I wanna get a better result as the result in first sem and second sem are not so desirable, i regret..
I hope to do as best as I can..

Many people will tell me 'okay la', 'enough la'.. if you really know me, you'll already know..
Some of you known it for a long time but some really don't.. I don't hope you know more but I just wanna say I want better..

Not to do until perfect (I know nothing is perfect), it's just I'll do my best.. as much as I can..

Is it possible to get HD for macroeconomics? I'm really wondering.. unless I can score a high mark for my final paper.. It's stress.. Macro is just not about purely reading from the books, also about thinking.. some questions have just like two-sided answer where depends on how your macroeconomics thinking and from which perspective you look on.. For certain people, it's easy for them but not for me.. I need more hard work and I have already known it.. Do you know how stress am I? I kind of depress when my friends asking me about some macro questions and I don't know how to answer it where finals is just around! Perhaps I have just not revised harder enough.. I disappointed of myself.. someone will think that I don't have to do that but I should... I'm the eldest in my family, I need to set a good model to my younger siblings as what a eldest should do..

Another kind of stress was disturbing me last few days.. sorry for everyone who for concern of me. .thank you my dear friends.. it's kind of emotional stress.. some of you might know but some who don't know me clearly please don't simply guess until misunderstand occurs..

Misunderstanding this problem really cause a lot more problems.. All started from guessing.. If you want to know something, just straight away ask from me and I'll tell you if I know.. If I don't know, I'm really don't know.. rumors and gossips are one of the problem.. neutral is fine, but just don't make it into problem.. Perhaps initially the telling of gossips is of good intention, but when spread to another and another person, they may heard another different kind of story and started to suspect that people mentioned in the rumor..

However, do you ever think that is that really true? Have you ever seen it with your naked eyes?
That's why I always hope that I can free from the bad gossips, either as the teller or the one who spread around..

Neutral gossips are just fine with me, as long as I din't hurt people but not as bad gossips that may hurt a people or jeopardize the person's reputation badly..

Why to do that? It's wouldn't generate any profit to anyone, unless you want to spoil the person's life or in some competition of life or death..

And relationship? We are pretty fine.. We are loved.. What you all could think about us? I'm so love him.. it's nothing trouble happened between us.. Why are some of the people think that we have problems? I know you just jealous us, isn't? Don't talk bad about us as we will go along forever where you can't imagine..
And people, don't just interpret things on facebook! It has nothing to do with reality..

You'll never know the truth by seeing the surface of the problem!

Reminder: Judge me only after knowing me well ^^
Never judge a person simply looking at his/her appearance and conclude the whole result..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

So So~

wow.. final exam is just around the corner, starting from this Saturday.
It's my last final exam in my foundation year, hope so.
Hope all my friends pass their every single paper and don't need to retake if failed.. touch wood ><

It's kind of waste of time and money if failed the subject especially the core subjects, you have no choice other than retake.

Why not study a little bit harder? just only before finals! for those who are not so diligent. I know many students do that yet there are sure will be some super diligent people who study from the beginning of the semesters till the end of final exams.. who knows.. Perhaps the one who always playing around is studying hard at home? Perhaps vice versa? it's kind of weird people if it's really true.

Some started to awake from daydream and study, or even ask for help from their friends. I'm so glad that some of my friends are enlightened? maybe..

Not to tell you always holding a book to study, it'll go nuts! including me of course.. I'll never sitting in front of the mountains of books for day and night, or else if I'm sleeping on them =P

fun! game! entertainment! without them life is full of darkness! You might get into a nightmare that the book monsters are chasing you and trying to swallow you!

People, but not excessive of relaxation, you'll regret perhaps not now.


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