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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

college life full with assignmentS

Every subject in foundation also got a assignment to hand in the last month of the semester, we are nearly get mad!

tomorrow is the due date to hand in maths assignment!

To inform here, this is the first time i feel like don't really want to do maths. Not because of the question, it's all about the rule of the assignment set!

The question is so nice to do, just apply the formula and some the our logical thinking to solve it. THAT'S ALL! but the assignment is making the normal question to a complicated one!

The question is just few sentences long and we need to do a around 10 pages of REPORT about it!

IT'S TOTALLY NOT MATHS it have changed!!

A normal maths solution is translated into a report.. omg..
tear for it...

help me... i rather do few more NORMAL maths question instead of this insane report...

by the way, i hope that i can do well in my REPORT though...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fail or not?!

At the first time, my thought to college life of foundation was very enjoyable and freedom; Now, i realised that it is not.
College life can be very free at the beginning of semester but nightmare comes after too much of relaxing.

test, quiz, assignment, presentation, and exams!
It;s comes one after another, non-stop; unlike secondary school, after midterm exam there is a 2 weeks holiday as now the students are having.

Yet I have to praise that I'm not taking A-level. I think I can't even breathe smoothly or being heart attacked causing by the tense atmosphere of A-level's continuous examination.

When in secondary school, people asked you, " How many A's do you get?"

Now in college, people will ask you, " Do you fail pass all your subjects' paper?"

ohh, what a big difference in between them!

Is it possible to get a higher distinction in my college year?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nature- Cloud

Blogspot got its new blogskin features!
it's a improvement by them, much more better than the previous one ^^

Congrats Blogspot!! keep going!

i chosen the nature based background for my blog, love the cloud so much... it's just nice
Cloud can form variety of shapes and imagination to us
From the same cloud, it can be in different formation depends on the creativity of a person.

That's why cloud is fantastic!

-taken from broga hill-

Hope you guys like my blogskin, you may love it too ^^

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