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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fastest maths teaching ever!

My finite mathematics lecturer have taught us the third chapter in just 2 weeks time!
what is she rushing for?
we are the fastest among all the classes and other classes just being taught on chapter 2...

Is it the lecturer is too look up on our class and think that we are already understood so just rush to continue teaching another chapter?


but, is this a good thing? so we will going to finish syllabus faster? wow~

exhausted.. btw, i still think maths is interesting and fun! love maths ^^

-pictures from google-

Monday, April 5, 2010

sports carnival '10

(see the clouds are so nice~ clearly seen ^^ )
-taken at the stadium-

it's a saturday.. and i have to wake up early and then reach college by 8 morning!!
pity me...

i din't realise that college do have a sports day! i thought that i have to say good bye to sports day after my secondary school life.
After a year i din't do sports in running since last year school sports day, i participate in 800m and 4X400m in this carnival!
Sure i will get muscle pain after running!

A062 >> my identity number ^^

from this picture the weather that day seems perfectly nice!!
but it's not!!
it's so sunny until many of us get sun burnt T.T

group photo ^^ on the running track

but actually i din't get any medal for this event.. but we have at least try our best and finish the race!
cheer for HMC!!

and... as what have i said.. i do have muscular aches after this!! and now my calf still pain...

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