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Sunday, April 3, 2011

So So~

wow.. final exam is just around the corner, starting from this Saturday.
It's my last final exam in my foundation year, hope so.
Hope all my friends pass their every single paper and don't need to retake if failed.. touch wood ><

It's kind of waste of time and money if failed the subject especially the core subjects, you have no choice other than retake.

Why not study a little bit harder? just only before finals! for those who are not so diligent. I know many students do that yet there are sure will be some super diligent people who study from the beginning of the semesters till the end of final exams.. who knows.. Perhaps the one who always playing around is studying hard at home? Perhaps vice versa? it's kind of weird people if it's really true.

Some started to awake from daydream and study, or even ask for help from their friends. I'm so glad that some of my friends are enlightened? maybe..

Not to tell you always holding a book to study, it'll go nuts! including me of course.. I'll never sitting in front of the mountains of books for day and night, or else if I'm sleeping on them =P

fun! game! entertainment! without them life is full of darkness! You might get into a nightmare that the book monsters are chasing you and trying to swallow you!

People, but not excessive of relaxation, you'll regret perhaps not now.



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